G’bad: Yashoda Hospital Kaushambi docs. save life of 6-yr-old boy bitten by cobra


A 6-year-old child was brought back from the jaws of death by doctors of Yashoda Hospital, Kaushambi, Ghaziabad. The boy Lakshya, a resident of Sirora village in Ghaziabad was bitten by a cobra snake at his house on night of August 11. Lakshya’s family said that they would have had remained unaware of the snake-bite incident, but Lakshya’s grandmother saw a black cobra snake going out of Lakshya’s room. After some time Lakshya had a severe pain in abdomen and then he fainted. Family members rushed him to emergency of two hospitals where they asked them to take the child to higher center and they landed at Yashoda Super Speciality Hospital in Kaushambi.

Lakshya was apparently bitten by a cobra at his village home in Ghaziabad

The boy was examined by a team of doctors of Yashoda Hospital who found that the child was facing respiratory failure and was immediately incubated and put on ventilator.

Today at a press meet, Director of the Yashoda Hospital Upasana Arora told the press persons that with the help of doctors in pediatric ICU located in the hospital, the struggle started to save Lakshya’s life by giving him life saving medicines and procedures and putting him on ventilator support.

Senior pediatrician Dr Vidya Ghosh, Dr Tarun, Dr Deepti, Dr Jitendra, Dr Ankit and Dr. Anil of Yashoda Hospital and the team of other doctors put their best efforts to save the child. On the second day of hospitalization, the condition of the child deteriorated further and again the anti-snake venom was administered. Now Lakshya after 7 to 8 days is returning back to normal and is recovering fully while recuperating at the hospital, it was told.  Dr Sunil Dagar, Gaurav Pandey and family of Lakshya were there in the press conference.

Ventilator support was also removed on the fourth day of hospitalization, Dr. Vidya Ghosh told that the bite of cobra snake is very fatal and if not treated at the right time, it can cause death. Dr. Ghosh said that doctors had done a miracle by  saving the boy’s life as the condition in which he was brought to the hospital was hopeless.

Dr. PN Arora, Managing Director, Yashoda Hospital, thanked the team of Pediatrician, doctors, nurses and paramedics of the Pediatric ICU and heartily rewarded the team for saving their lives.  

delhincrnews.in reporter