G’bad: Large Peepal tree damaged due to cutting of branches over nod on false grounds, alleges activist

Forest Department in its reply over online portal stated that an agency hired for upkeep of foot overbridge at Hapur Chungi had complained about the tree touching power cables; however tree activist Pradeep Dahaliya pointed out that no such wires existed at the spot

Tree activist Pradeep Dahaliya pointed out that no power cables existed over the tree branches at this spot

Tree activist Pradeep Dahaliya has alleged that Forest Department of Ghaziabad has for no valid reason allowed permission for chopping and pruning of a tree near Hapur Chungi.

Dahaliya averred that the Peepal tree was a big one and had been brutally hacked after permission to axe it was granted on a false pretext.

The Forest Department in its reply to Dahaliya over online portal (IGS) has said that after a complaint was made to them by Abhinav Advertising Agency, responsible for maintenance of FOB at Hapur Chungi that the tree branches were touching the overhead electric wires, permission was granted for cutting of the branches. However, Dahaliya said that there were no electric wires that the tree was touching and the complaint is a frivolous one. He also said that the large tree had suffered severe damage.

DFO Ghaziabad could not be reached over phone despite repeated attempts.

delhincrnews.in reporter