NGT seeks immediate action on Arthala Lake squatters after DM’s submission

Khasra nos 1419, 1422, 1445 to see action, however on petitioner’s submission that Khasra no 1446 is also part of lake more structures can face demolition


GHAZIABAD: National Green Tribunal (NGT) today asked the district administration of Ghaziabad to report to the tribunal on September 11 after taking action against encroachers in & around Arthala Lake, however the administration might be staring at a full-blown crisis now, as apart from almost 529 houses originally that were meant to be demolished the number could now swell to 1,000 plus.

“This is because apart from Khasra no 1445 upon which the illegal houses were meant to be demolished, the district administration would now have to demolish structures on other Khasras also, especially in 1446. These Khasras in all are totalling 9,” said Sushil Raghav the petitioner. These Khasras also form part of the lake as also mentioned in the NGT judgment of Sept 20, 2016, added Raghav.

The Khasra nos of the lakes are 948, 514, 1446, 1456, 1419, 1422, 1445, 1361 and 1453, however district administration has denied Khasra no 1446 as part of lake in Joint Action Plan submitted to the Tribunal today. At present the land of these Khasras is distributed amongst several agencies including UP Avas Vikas, GDA and the Nagar Nigam.

Earlier the NGT had asked the district administration to read the order carefully and identify the structures that need to be demolished for compliance, after which DM office as well as other agencies had carried out a joint inspection on August 2. According to Sushil Raghav all these 9 Khasras are part of the lake and are a part of the revenue record.

Raghav elaborated “that Khasra No 1446 that is being shown as Abadi and barren land by DM’s submission does actually belong to lake and we have submitted this to the Tribunal.” He said that this land also houses at least 500 structures. Raghav further pointed out that Khasra no 948 has a drain running there however the Forest Department has planted trees over there that could number 2,500.

Again on Khasra no 1456 there are houses built by Avas Vikas as well as drains and other structures, pointed out Raghav. He further said that another Khasra no 1361 has a number of structures belonging to sales tax department. This is behind the Arthala Metro Station while another Khasra no 1453 has pillar of Elevated Road built on it. Similarly, Khasra nos 514, 1419 and 1422 are also part of lake, said Raghav.

The DM’s submission to the Tribunal has outlined most of these Khasra nos, some of which form part of the bird sanctuary near Vasundhara that is again an extension of the Arthala Lake. The GNN had said that at least 529 houses form part of Khasra no 1445 that was under the lens till now, but with the issue of Khasra no 1446 also getting raked up now, the administration might have a tough time on its hand.

The NGT order directed the counsel for the GNN to look into the affidavit filed by the District Magistrate so as to see that action to be taken by them be so done immediately. However, when so many Khasras are part of the lake this means that all structures will have to be razed as restoration of lake is also part of the NGT’s order, said Raghav.

By Prasoon Pant