GNIDA pays hefty amount to contractors for village cleaning that’s never done, alleges activist

According to Pradeep Dahaliya who had made a complaint over IGRS portal,, almost 110 villages of Greater Noida have been affected as GNIDA has failed to undertake any substantial cleaning work in these villages and has imposed minor penalty on a contractor for shortchanging work. Many villagers do the cleaning work themselves while the contractors make merry

Village folk can be seen cleaning their surroundings and drains

A Greater Noida based activist, Pradeep Dahaliya has alleged that despite making complaints on IGRS portal Gr Noida Ind. Development Authority (GNIDA) has not carried out sanitation related work in 110 villages falling under its jurisdiction. According to Dahaliya the GNIDA has imposed a minor penalty on contractor who undertakes the sanitation work however this is merely an eyewash as this has not changed anything on the ground as far as sanitation work in these villages is concerned.

Some of the villages affected by lack of sanitation and cleanliness work are namely Saini, Baidpura, Kheri, Bhanota, Bhola Rawal, Sadulapur, Sunpura, Kailaspur apart from many others.

It has been alleged that contractors hired by Greater Noida Industrial Development Authority do not undertake any cleaning exercise in these villages despite being paid a huge amount

Due to apathetic attitude of the GNIDA, the villagers have to carry out the cleaning exercise on their own, alleged Dahaliya.

Now Dahaliya has again complained over the portal seeking answers on firms and contractors and the date on which the penalties have been imposed on these contractor(s). He also alleged that there is a nexus of officials and contractors where a handsome amount is paid to these contractors although they never complete the targeted work. He also alleged that this is in clear violation of NGT and Prime Minister’s Swachhata drive.

Even after repeated efforts GNIDA sanitation staff could not be contacted.

By Prasoon Pant,