Ghaziabad: Buses parked opposite Vaishali Metro along road a big nuisance

Although Mohan Nagar and trans-Hindon bound autos also take commuters from this point what has irked the commuters is the presence of these huge buses that makes movement difficult

Commuters taking shared and individual autos complain that buses veer around dangerously and cover a large part of the road

Scores of Metro commuters have complained to about the haphazard parking of buses opposite Vaishali Metro Station. These buses—mostly private—are headed towards several destinations like Meerut, Hapur, Garh among others and are brazenly parked along the roadside blocking traffic and pedestrian movement. In fact, many of these buses manoeuvre their way in a dangerous fashion thereby endangering the lives of commuters who board shared and other autos to different destinations of Ghaziabad. Although a traffic cop has been posted here he is only seen regularizing the movement of buses to arrange them in a queue. However, the moot question is that this area where thousands of Metro commuters descend everyday is not a parking place—especially not along the road but it is being treated like this.

Ghaziabad Traffic Police when tweeted to replied back that the Traffic Sub Inspector of Vaishali Metro Station has been asked to look into the highlighted problem. But hundreds of Metro commuters who arrive at this point would get full respite from the menace of these buses only if the buses keep on moving rather than being parked there. reporter