Gurugram: CSAs of bus service return lost valuables to passengers


The Customer Service Agents (CSAs) of Gurugram Metropolitan City Bus Limited have recently been winning the hearts of commuters by finding lost items, bags, purse and wallets of passengers travelling on Gurugaman buses and rightfully returning them to the respective owners.

In one such case, a passenger travelling on Route 112D lost his wallet near Palam Vihar on August 8, 2019. The CSA Hemant, (ID70091) on duty on Bus 5445 found the wallet and deposited the same in the depot. The passenger was duly informed by the depot staff and was requested to collect it from the depot. The passenger’s wallet contained an amount of Rs 810 and some important documents.
The passenger came to collect his wallet on August 12, 2019, after a gap of four days.

In another incident, CSA Amit (ID 70118) on duty on Bus no. 5782 and Driver Rupesh (ID 20049) found a lost purse of a passenger on the bus. They called the passenger at Mahaveer Chowk and handed over the purse to its owner. To the surprise of many commuters who have left their items such as bag, packet, purse, mobile phone, etc. while riding
on Gurugaman buses, in many cases, they have also got them back. It has always been the endeavour of the CSAs of GMCBL bus service to connect with commuters by showing their honest ways. reporter