G’bad: Two shopkeepers fined Rs 10 k each for using polythene bags

Ghaziabad Municipal Commissioner today visited several areas to take stock of Eid preparations


Municipal Commissioner Dinesh Chandra Singh today visited several areas in City Zone and Vasundhara Zone to take stock of sanitation and other measures taken by Ghaziabad Nagar Nigam in the wake of Eid tomorrow. Firstly, he visited PAC Chowk and Kaila Bhatta areas where sanitation measures were found to be up-to-date. However, near PAC Chowk it was found that two sweet shop owners namely Malik Sweets and Shibu Sweets were found to be using banned polythene for packaging upon which they were find Rs 10,000 each.

Biryani sellers were felicitated for using steel utensils instead of plastic plates

At Maharajpur Eidgah the Municipal Commissioner seemed satisfied with the sanitation measures as well as other amenities such as water supply and others. Two roadside kiosk owners selling Biryani in steel utensils were felicitated. Next, he visited  Pasonda mosque where all facilities were up-to-date however work of a drain near the mosque was still incomplete. Upon this Singh directed the Chief Engineer to get the work completed soon.

General instructions were passed to the officials and staff for maintaining all facilities during Eid.

delhincrnews.in reporter