G’bad Municipal Comm. asks Kanwarias not to use plastic

He also instructed GNN officials to ensure that all facilities such as mobile toilets, drinking water, clean environment are in place at the camps


Perhaps for the first time an awareness drive as well as instructions for not using plastic items was spearheaded by Ghaziabad Municipal Commissioner Dinesh Chandra Singh as he visited a few Kanwad camps that are already seeing a substantial trickling in of Kanwarias. Singh today took stock of facilities in place for Kanwarias that were being provided by Ghaziabad Nagar Nigam GNN). He asked the Kanwarias not to use plastic items such as cups, plates, spoons as well as any thermocol items that had been banned by te UP Govt. He also said that Kanwarias be provided food in steel utensils out of utensil banks created for them like it happens in a Gurudwara.

Dinesh Chandra Singh instructed the health department and other officials to ensure two-time cleanliness and fogging in all Kanwad Shivirs or camps. An ongoing awareness drive regarding harmful effects of plastic would be held in Kanwar camps.

The GNN’s horticulture department was also instructed to clear the roads of all unwanted shrubs, grass and weeds and to place big flower plots on their route on the dividers, on which it GNN’s name should be written.

The officials were also instructed to ensure that dustbins are kept in these camps where disposal of waste matter is done as per the need. Further, health officials were asked to oversee that mobile toilets and bio-dusters be place on Kanwar routes and these should be properly cleaned from time to time.

GM Water Works has been earlier instructed to provide potable water to the Kanwarias.

delhincrnews.in reporter