Ghaziabad: GDA to cancel allotment of plots lying vacant


Ghaziabad Development Authority (GDA) has taken a step towards confiscating allotted plots by cancelling their allotment, if the owner does not carry out construction in the plot within a stipulated time period of 10 years. The legal action will be carried out against such owners of plots under the UP Urban Planning & Development Act of 1973 that grants power to the Authority to take such a step.

A GDA statement read out that due to owners not making timely constructions on allotted plots these have become a breeding ground for diseases and debris. Wild plants and shrubs also grow on such vacant plots.

The GDA will first levy a surcharge after 5 years of allotment of plots if no construction has been done. Thereafter, if the elapse of after another 5 years if the owner had not done any construction the allotted plot will be cancelled and taken back.

The Authority has further asked all owners of such plots to soon get their map approvals done for construction or else action of cancelling allotment shall be done. reporter