Ghaziabad: Two sanitation inspectors asked to explain negligence in Kanwad routes

Municipal Commissioner Dinesh Chandra Singh today inspected the Kanwad roads starting from Meerut Road area from Duhai to Guldhar; Raj Nagar Ext Intersection; Sihani Chungi; Meerut T-point up to Sai Upwan. At that time cleaning work was going on. From Guldhar to RNE side drains were found to be filled with filth near DPS cut and heaps of garbage were lying unattended, upon which the area sanitation inspectors were reprimanded and asked to pick up the garbage and clean up the drains in 2 days and were warned not to repeat the mistake.

Singh also passed instructions to GM Jal Kal, Chief Engineer, zonal chiefs and other officials to take care of all amenities along Kanwad routes.

An afforestation programme was also carried out by the Municipal Commissioner at Mohan Nagar zone at Sunrise Industrial Area, Site 2, where at least 125 trees of fruit bearing and high density were planted. Instructions were passed to organise tree plantation events zone-wise in association with schools, colleges, NGOs etc. reporter