Ghaziabad: Municipal Comm. asks GDA & GNN to work together for CM’s pet project

On a sudden visit it was found that though the sanitation aspect was fine several areas of the shelter were in need of urgent repair and proper water exit was needed

On a sudden visit of Municipal Commissioner Dinesh Chandra Singh to Nandi Park Gaushala in Nand Gram area of Ghaziabad it was found that due to the pillar work being done there by Ghaziabad Development Authority (GDA) engineers large and deep pits had been created due to which there was a fear of cattle falling down in these pits. He directed the GDA engineers to barricade the pits to prevent such a mishap.

Dinesh Chandra Singh asked the GDA engineers to barricade the huge pits to prevent cows from falling into one of these

He also directed the GDA engineers to make proper arrangements for discharge and exit of water and dung by making drains and road as the area looked waterlogged.

The Municipal Commissioner also directed the Ghaziabad Nagar Nigam (GNN) engineers to repair the area where the cattle ate fodder as these were broken. Singh also directed the Chief Engineer and vet. official to see that the fodder does not lie uncut that was the case at present. Lots of other loose ends were asked to be tightened such as upgradation fo a shelter and further repair of tin shed. Singh also directed the officials and staff to see that the cattle is sheltered from the harsh rays of the sun.

He asked the GDA and GNN officials to coordinate with each other to maintain the Gaushala as this is one of the pet projects of the CM. reporter