Samsung C & T to be fined Rs 5 lakhs for causing pollution

Activist Vikrant Tongad informed that on his complaint the company has been asked to dispose of their C & D waste at the designated site by the Noida Authority

Samsung C & T India Private Limited has been found guilty of dumping construction and demolition (C & D) waste originating from its Sector 81 plant in Noida in its vicinity and has been fined Rs 5 lakh by the Regional Officer of UP PCB or pollution control board on a complaint by Gr Noida based environment activist Vikrant Tongad. Information to this effect was provided by this activist to

A letter by the PCB regional officer has asked the City Magistrate of Noida to levy a penalty of Rs 5 lakh on Samsung C & T. The letter said that on-site inspection of Samsung’s plant on June 26 had led to the discovery of filling up of mud in its premises besides leveling of soil. It was also found that the building material was kept in the open and there was no arrangements for measures as mandated by National Green Tribunal such as green net covering, water sprinkling etc, due to which there was a possibility of dust pollution. Hence, a penalty of Rs 5 lakh was levied on Samsung.

Earlier, a complaint was made to the Noida Authority over IGRS portal against this particular Samsung unit by Tongad. According to him the C & D waste was being illegally dumped in a site at Sector 81 just in front of the Samsung plant in this sector. He also complained to the Pollution Control Board.

Noida Authority’s Public Health Dept. had previously issued notice to the company to dispose of its C & D waste at the designated spot at Sector 80.

However, Tongad alleged that Samsung C & T was illegally dumping C & D waste amounting to 600 trucks in Phase II Noida in Sec 81.

A spokesperson of Samsung C & T however informed through a text message that no such letter from UPPCB or Authority has been received by them.

Tongad also informed that a fine of Rs 10,000 has also been further imposed on the contractor found dumping the said waste at a different site than the designated one.

Note: The story can be updated further if further inputs from any stakeholder is received

By Prasoon Pant,