G’bad: Violation of forest laws in Kaushambi apartments; activist alleges inaction of Forest Dept.

Despite complaint having been made to Ghaziabad Forest Department against illegal concretization around several trees by local RWA in Kanchenjunga Apartments in Kaushambi no action has been taken by the forest officials, alleged environment activist and lawyer Akash Vashishtha who said through a statement that it was indeed unfortunate and uncalled for that even despite complaints, along with evidences, no action has been taken under the Tree Protection Act against the concerned offenders in Kanchenjunga Apartments, Kaushambi.

According to Vashishtha the subordinate forest staffers are not inclined to investigate and book the concerned office bearers at whose behest concretization around the roots was perpetrated. He has demanded strict action against the perpetrators of this crime.

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By Prasoon Pant, delhincrnews.in