Ghaziabad RWA representatives meet DM over civic issues

District Magistrate Ritu Maheshwari yesterday met representatives of RWAs of the city under the aegis of RWA Federation Ghaziabad whose Chairman Col. Tejandra Pal Tyagi (retd) said that dumping of waste in open should be stopped at once. He said that sanitary landfill site in which the waste is pressed downwards though a roller and then covered with mud should be built by the municipal corporation. This process, Col Tyagi said would also stop public protests against the Nagar Nigam.

As per information received from Sector 1 Vaishali and RWA Fed. office Harminder Singh of Vaishali Sector 1 RWA raised the issue of Sahibabad Drain that passes through Vaishali due to which residents of the area are suffering in many ways. According to him, electronic gadgets were becoming dysfunctional due to the gaseous emissions from the drain and urged that the de-silting of the drain, plantation on both sides, bio-remediation and stoppage of effluents from industrial areas be stopped in 15 days.

Apart from this, suggestion for setting up bee farms in city parks were given at the meet by the Federation and asked for development of theme parks. The Federation also demanded from DM that encroachments on parks at Kamla Quarters and Jagriti Park be removed.

Municipal Commissioner Dinesh Chandra Singh said the the Ghaziabad Nagar Nigam will undertake Rs 10 lakh works in societies taking the pledge of making their premises polythene-free. Other measures discussed were installation of water harvesting plants in government buildings.

As per the RWA Federation the DM gave instructions to clean up the Sahibabad Drain and to prevent effluents from falling into this drain in a phase-wise manner. She also appealed to the public to plant at least one sapling per family. reporter