Ghaziabad: Sanitation Inspectors told by Municipal Commissioner to ‘clean up’ their act or face music

On a tour of City & Kavi Nagar zone, Dinesh Chandra Singh found several lacunae in cleaning of drains and public places


Several people were fined and the staff reprimanded severely by Municipal Commissioner, Dinesh Chandra Singh today while on a visit to City & Kavi Nagar zones of Ghaziabad Nagar Nigam (GNN).

Under City Zone, Singh was aghast to see that several drains were not cleaned up properly—the silt and waste was not remove entirely—upon which he summoned the area SFI, Ashok Kumar to send geo-tagged photos of cleaning-up exercise in 2 days.

At Ramte Ram Road it was found that Vaibhav Lakshmi Furniture had littered saw-dust as well as plastic at public place. The SFI was directed to levy a penalty of Rs 10,000 on the trader that was done.

Deepali Jewellers at Ambedkar Road was throwing litter into a drain outside his shop upon which the SFI and City Health Officer were directed to issue notice and to impose a fine.

At City Zone at Naya Ganj area it was found that the drain cleaning work was lagging upon which the SFI was aksed to speed up the work. Again it was found that silt from a number of drains had not been lifted and the area was littered. This made the Municipal Commissioner lose his cool and a show cause was issued to Ashok Kumar SFI to reply within a week on these lapses.

Singh also directed the Chief Engineer and City Health Officer to coordinate for removing encroachments and to levy a penalty on marble & tile traders between Kalka Garhi Chowk and Gas Godown, who had encroached upon the drains by putting up ramps on them on both sides of the roads. This was an obstacle in the way of cleaning these drains.

At Patel Nagar it was found that after laying work of a pipeline the leveling of earth was not done properly upon which the area JE Om Prakash was asked to give an explanation in 7 days through the GM.

All SFIs were directed t send geo-tagged pictures of silt lifting from the drains cleaned up across the city.

At Kavi Nagar Zone on inspection of Shyama Prasad Mukherjee Park Singh directed that fruit bearing trees be planted in the park. He also asked the staff to start boating in the park after proper repair and upgradation. He also instructed that no garbage should be found in temporary dumping spaces. All SFIs were told that every day at least 2 drains would be on radar of the Municipal Commissioner that would have to be got cleaned by them. reporter