G’bad: Action against illegal water extraction by GNN at Prahladgarhi

Municipal Commissioner, Ghaziabad Nagar Nigam (GNN), Dinesh Chandra Singh has taken action against illegal borewells that were being run at Prahladhgarhi near Vasundhara by the water mafia after the local councilor had reportedly gone to the media had raised a hue & cry. Today a team of GNN’s Water Works Department comprising GM Brijesh Kumar Singh, XEN, Anand Tripathi and others conducted a drive against the water mafia by catching them red-handed extracting water from Plot No 4/151, Link Road, Prahladgarhi. Two tankers and a tractor and a truck for carrying water were seized from the spot.

The plot that is located near the Link Road in Prahladgarhi village had 3 borewells through which the extraction was being done by Shehzad water tanker.  

The Municipal Commissioner had asked the GM Water Works to register an FIR against this particular person as well as all such illegal commercial borewells.

Notably, water extraction in Ghaziabad municipal area that is a notified area, cannot be done without an NOC from the Central Ground Water Authority (CGWA) but illegal extraction of water is being carried out rampantly in even the industrial areas, said Sushil Raghav, noted green activist.

The CGWA has even banned the domestic borewells commonly known as submersible pumps where the government water supply is available.

The NGT had also passed a judgment in a case by Sushil Raghav and others whereby the Central Government has been asked to come up with a fresh set of draft guidelines for water extraction by June 30.

By delhincrnews.in reporter