‘Yoga Anthem’- a tribute to countrymen

On occasion of International Yoga Day 2019, delhincrnews.in volunteer creates a melody that resonates with all budding Yoga practitioners


The International Yoga Day is being celebrated today (June 21) with utmost zeal and fervor the world over, thanks to Prime Minister Narendra Modi who has reminded the world that Yoga is a gift to it by India and also that the citizens are again looking towards it with renewed vigour to heal themselves and others.

delhincrnews.in volunteer Nannd Chopra has created a Yoga Anthem for the online portal that is a tribute to all those countrymen & fellow world citizens who have selflessly taught Yoga to people down the ages- to bring positivity and well-being in their lives.

– The Yoga Anthem written by Nannd Chopra

ओह्म योग भारतय् नमः, ओह्म योग भारतय् नमः।

योग है शक्ति, योग है भक्ति, योग है भारत का अभिमान।
चलो अपना लें योग साथिओ, फिर न मिलेगा दुःख का जहां।।
ओह्म योग भारतय् नमः! ओह्म योग भारतय् नमः। 

योग सिखाता लक्ष्य भेदना, अनुशासन परम ज्ञान है।
योग रोकता मन विचलन को, तन बन जाए महान है ।।
आत्मचिंतन मोक्ष प्राप्ति, योग की हैं ये शाखाएँ। 
चलो अपना लें योग साथिओ, फिर न मिलेगा दुःख का जहां।।

ओह्म योग भारतय् नमः! ओह्म योग भारतय् नमः।

योग इबादत और विज्ञान, योग है पूजा, परम ध्यान।
योग नमस्कार, योग क़ियाम, योग ही गीता, योग क़ुरान।
योग न जाने धर्म जात को, बस की जीने की कला का नाम।
चलो अपना लें योग साथिओ, फिर न मिलेगा दुःख का जहां।।

ओह्म योग भारतय् नमः! ओह्म योग भारतय् नमः। 

दर्शनशास्त्र का रस है इसमें , भारत की ये देंन महान।।


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