Binge drinking in local train captured in mobile; activist complains to Railway authorities

In the open drinking session inside an EMU shuttling between Delhi and Ghaziabad a person is seen in the video grab having a gala time, as he consumes liquor and even takes out a cigarette from his trouser pocket, without any fear of law


Local trains of Delhi-NCR commonly called EMUs offer a cheap yet effective mode of transport for thousands of commuters but some unsavoury incidents are making travel difficult for women and citizens in general.

In one such incident a Ghaziabad based activist, Akash Vashishtha saw a person drinking liquor while he was travelling from New Delhi to Ghaziabad in a local train on May 24 evening. The shameless person kept consuming liquor even as he was surrounded by fellow passengers. In the video grab of about a minute that Vashishtha shot from his mobile phone, a person is seen having a booze session and soon afterwards he also takes out a cigarette from his trouser pocket and shoves it in between his lips. The video recording with details was tweeted to the Railway authorities by another activist.

Thereafter, the Northern Railways asked RPF Ghaziabad, RPF New Delhi and RPF Delhi to take action and to conduct checking inside trains to check open drinking,” said Vashishtha.

According to the activist such incidents are not new in local trains. Making a video of such incidents is not easy as such people travel and can turn violent under the slightest provocation. Security inside such trains does not seem to be the priority of Railway authorities it seems. The authorities should take decisive action against such acts of open drinking, Vashishtha said.

Prasoon Pant,