Illegal mining & construction in Ganga flood plains at Pauri; NGT imposes fine

A further report has to be filed within 2 months and the matter will be heard again on August 26

Allegations of illegal mining and constructions in flood plain of Ganga in Pauri district have been found to be true by district magistrate (DM) Pauri and State Pollution Control Board (SPCB). The National Green Tribunal (NGT) had previously on March 8 ordered them to furnish a report on illegal mining and constructions.

Subsequently, in an order passed on May 17 on a petition, the NGT had imposed a fine of Rs 3,34,500 on illegal mining. The counsel for the State Pollution Control Board states that compensation determined is only on the basis of royalty and does not take into account components like cost of restoration, cost of services forgone forever, cost of the mined material and on that basis, fresh assessment is to be made and action taken report furnished. On account of this the NGT had ordered for filing of a further report within two months. The matter will be further heard on August 26.

Prasoon Pant,