Ghaziabad: Indirapuram cops re-unite missing boy from Delhi with his family

The boy was found with prominent injuries on his face near Hotel Radisson Blu in Kaushambi


A child aged 3 to 4 yrs who was found by the police on May 15 in Kaushambi area (near Radisson Blu Hotel) with injuries on his face and who was admitted by cops to Yashoda Hospital, Kaushambi for treatment, was re-united by his family hailing from Delhi. A team of Indirapuram Police Station found out that the a boy with same description was missing from Delhi’s Dayalpur Police Station area. The boy’s father is one Mo. Ahad. Ghaziabad Police coordinated with Delhi Police for re-uniting the boy.

The boy had been reportedly left in the area in a semi-conscious state allegedly by a woman.

The Indirapuram cops had appealed to the public to help in finding out about the parents of the boy and had pushed for plastic surgery of his face. reporter


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