G’bad: RWAs urged not to use plastic; efforts on waste conversion appreciated

A meeting in which Mayor Asha Sharma, Municipal Commissioner, Dinesh Chandra Singh and RWAs led by Col Tejandra Pal Tyagi (retd) were present was held today on waste segregation & disposal


Once again a meeting on solid waste disposal was held at Ghaziabad Nagar Nigam (GNN) office in which Municipal Commissioner Dinesh Chandra Singh apprised the participants from RWAs led by Col Tejandra Pal Tyagi (retd) on laws governing waste disposal including plastic ban. Mayor Asha Sharma was present at this vital meeting.

The Municipal Commissioner delved upon the segregation of waste into wet, dry (recyclable) and hazardous as well as laws banning all kinds of plastic material and carry bags that has come into effect from Oct 2, 2018.

Dinesh Chandra Singh also apprised the participants that the GNN had installed aerobic compost in many parks and green belts across the city wherein 280 iron meshes have been installed, so far converting wet waste into 20,000 litres of wet compost that is available for sale in market at lowest prices.

The MC also urged the RWA members to ensure that only steel utensils and crockery is used in organizing various religious bhandaras etc.

Many RWA office bearers raised important issued upon which the MC directed the concerned officials to take care of such problems. He also appreciated the efforts of RWAs that were already converting wet waste into compost- using different methods. Such RWAs were also asked to provide the waste converting tips to the GNN also.

All present including Col Tyagi, Rajshri Sharma, Dr Madhu Sharma, Anuranjana, KK Sharma, RD Goel, Surbhi Sharma, DC Tyagi, Jai Dikshit, Sunita, Mukesh, Rama Tyagi and other office bearers as well as officials of the GNN including all AMCs, zonal chiefs, water works officials and other officials were administered an oath by the Municipal Commissioner and the Mayor not to use banned plastic in any form.

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