Ghaziabad Municipal Commissioner urges religious leaders to press for plastic ban


Municipal Commissioner of Ghaziabad Nagar Nigam (GNN), Dinesh Chandra Singh today at around 2 pm presided over a meeting of various religious leaders of Ghaziabad city wherein they were apprised about the statutory ban on the use of plastic such as plastic carry bags, plates, cups, spoons among other material as well as the legal implications of such use. This information was shared by the Municipal Commissioner’s office a short while ago.

The Municipal Commissioner also told the gathering about the various ailments that could result from use of plastic and its inability to decay. He said that since Oct 2, 2018 all kinds of plastic had been totally banned by the UP Govt.

Dinesh Chandra Singh urged the religious leaders to appeal to their followers to disseminate information about the harmful effects of using plastic and to further urge them not to use such material. They were advised to tell the people of their faith to use steel utensils in place of plastic cup, plates, spoons etc and to use jute or cloth bag in place of plastic carry bags.

The gathering was also administered the oath not to use plastic material in day to day affairs. Senior officials of the GNN were present on the occasion.

Prasoon Pant,


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