Consumers of well-known dairy brand Ananda (including this journalist) were in for a rude shock on April 11 when they were supplied sub-standard quality of milk in Ghaziabad’s Vasundhara Sector 17. Many who tried to consume the milk said that they taken aback by the strong odour and the colour that turned brownish.

However, an Ananda marketing official, namely Bhaskar said that only toned milk was affected due to technical reasons that caused the milk to get spoilt under a different temperature. He also said that the malfunction happened at the Pilkhuwa plant of the company. Many consumers said that they had stored the sample of the spurious milk.

Designated Officer, Food Safety Department, Ghaziabad, Rajesh Kumar Agrahari enquired about the source of supply to the affected households and assured this journalist that strict action would be taken against the company if some foul play is found.

Several customers of the company said that they would cease buying dairy products of the company after this incident.

Prasoon Pant,



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