A team of Sahibabad Police Station arrested 2 notorious cattle thieves namely Yusuf—who carried a reward of Rs 25,000 on his head; and, Asif alias Mota. Both were held from near Katori Mill area. The police seized Rs 37,000 cash, 200 gms diazepam powder and 2 CMPs, said Dr Rakesh Kumar Mishra, CO Sahibabad.

According to the CO both the accused were repeat offenders. Yusuf had on night of December 18, 2018 stolen 5 buffaloes from one Kaluram’s house alongwith his aides Salman, Kamaluddin and Islamuddin.  The latter 2 were arrested previously by the police. Yusuf had been to jail previously from Delhi and Haryana on charges of cattle lifting.

Yusuf and Asif were currently wanted by Sardhana police and Asif further was wanted under Gangsters Act under SIhani Gate Police Station, Ghaziabad.

Both the accused took shelter in dargah and peer mosques so that they could not be detected easily. Meerut Police had also declared a reward on their arrest.

Prasoon Pant, delhincrnews.in


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