G’bad: Dy. Registrar’s letter indicts Sunrise Greens RWA, Indirapuram for lack of transparency in holding elections

Association members also face charges of misappropriation of funds that were collected from residents as electricity charges against which an FIR has previously been registered


In a strongly worded letter addressed to election officer of Sunrise Greens RWA, Indirapuram, the Dy. Registrar of Societies Meerut has indicted the society management/association for showing blatant disregard for UP Apartment Act as well as society byelaws with regard to the conduct of elections. The Dy. Registrar’s letter has also lambasted the society management for lack of transparency in its dealings and for showing disregard for byelaws to serve the vested interests of one lobby currently holding office.

The Dy. Registras letter was addressed after some society residents complained about the total lack of transparency in conduct of elections in this society.

One resident of the society who had made a complaint to the Dy. Registrar’s office told delhincrnews.in that the members holding office currently have announced the date for conduct of elections on April 14 but termed it as an eyewash.

It has been alleged that the current office bearers have tried to keep some members away from voting on the pretext that they had not paid up the monthly dues. However, countering this, the complainant resident said that the association members do not receive the complaints pertaining to problems plaguing the society and the defaulting members do not have proper redressal.

The Dy. Registrar’s letter further states that the current management has subverted the process of elections by conducting elections only for 3 posts whereas it had to be done for 10 posts. The members cannot hold similar position for more than 2 years but in the case of Sunrise Greens this is not happening, the letter adds.

The letter also points out that the current office bearers were doing this so that they can maintain their hold over the management of the society. The Dy. Registrar has also indicted the society association for bungling in utilization of society funds, especially those taken on account of electricity charges after which an FIR was also registered against the association members.

Finally, the Dy. Registrar has asked the election officer to ensure that elections to all 10 post should be done without which the exercise will be deemed null & void.

delhincrnews.in reporter


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