Municipal Commissioner of Ghaziabad Nagar Nigam (GNN), Dinesh Chandra Singh today in a workshop at the GNN headquarters engaged the audience mainly comprising bulk waste generators or Association of Food Operators about waste re-cycling and processing. Dinesh Chandra Singh delved upon classification of waste into dry waste (recyclable); wet waste; and hazardous waste.
The main theme of the session was to apprise those generating more than 100 kgs of solid waste that such waste can be easily and effectively converted into compost or manure that can be further used in horticultural works.

Sensitising the audience about the re-cycling of dry waste Dinesh Chandra Singh said that here the bulk generators should focus on 3 Rs of reduce, reuse and recycle. The association members were also apprised about the sections of solid waste management rules and guidelines that the use of plastic has been fully banned since Oct 2, 2018. They were advised to not use these banned materials in any functions. The MC told the operators to be careful while organizing big functions and the upcoming Navratra functions.
It was also informed by Dinesh Chandra Singh that the GNN has so far produced 30,000 litres of liquid compost that is to be sold at Rs 10 per litre. He said that this is available for sale to be used in gardens, nurseries and by farmers.

He also thanked Anil Gupta, Sanjay Mittal and Vishal Pandit of the Association of Food Operators and administered the gathering the oath for not littering the environment with plastic and thermocol. reporter


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