On March 22 at around 9 pm Municipal Commissioner, Dinesh Chandra Singh visited Vasundhara Zone where he took stock of night-time sanitation work from Budh Chowk to Agrasen Chowk, Kali Mandir Market, Bihari Market, Anand Vihar Bus Station to Dabur Chowk and Brij Vihar Pulia to Delhi Border.

The MC asked the sanitation inspector to clean up the litter caused by plastic bottles, sheets, glass etc. One person who was selling cane juice in plastic glasses was fined Rs 500.

At Kaushambi’s Mr Brown Bakery banned plastic glasses, plates and spoons were being used. Upon this the concerned bakery was fined Rs 25,000 and 15 kgs of plastic material was seized from him.  

At the time of inspection AMC Pramod Kumar, Shiv Pujan Yadav, zonal chief Sunil Rai and sanitation inspector, Yogendra Kumar were also present.

delhincrnews.in reporter


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