Yashoda Hospital, Kaushambi specialist gives tips on good dental health


Today (March 20) on occasion of World Oral Health Day a Health Talk was organized at Yashoda Superspeciality Hospital, Kaushambi, Ghaziabad. The event was held by the Oral & Dental Health Department of the hospital.

Senior dental surgeon, Dr Anmol Agarwal said that teeth are the barometer of good health and beauty both. Healthy and beautiful teeth give a boost to a person’s personality. He said if the teeth are cleaned regularly it saves us from various diseases. However, the reality is that people tend to neglect good dental health as a result they fall prey to several severe diseases.

Dr Agarwal continued by saying that “today the whole world is celebrating World Oral Health Day so as to raise awareness about good oral and dental hygiene. Few people know that lack of dental hygiene can land you in the trap of dreaded diseases. Tooth decay and caries happens due to presence of acid in mouth. This results in making the teeth hollow and formation of cavity in teeth. Additionally, bacteria inside the mouth start depositing on the surface of the tooth that is called plaque. All of this is a cause of infection and diseases.

Dr Agarwal informed that 70% of people do not go for dental check-ups even after a gap of 5 years. At least, 90% of people clean their teeth only once in a day and around 80% of people suffer from one form of dental disease or the other.

Throwing light on the type of disease resulting from bad dental hygiene and health he said that cancer, mouth cancer or oral cancer can be caused due to this. This disease is traced only when it is in advanced stage. Dr Agarwal said that lack of dental care is one of the main reasons for this dreaded disease. If a person keeps going for regular dental check-ups this disease can be stopped in its tracks. He also said that due to tobacco abuse in the form of guthka, pan masala etc such cases are on the rise.

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