Just ahead of Holi festival Municipal Commissioner of Ghaziabad Nagar Nigam (GNN), Dinesh Chandra Singh made a tour of the city to see for himself the cleanliness on roads and other public spaces. The MC was out yesterday night (March 19) at around 9 pm. Firstly he visited under City Zone areas such as Nehru Nagar II, Kalkagarhi Chowk, Choudhary Mod, Ramte Ram Rd, Gandhi Nagar Railway Road, Bazari among other places.  He found that night-time cleanliness work was being carried out on roadsides.

On finding the use of polythene bags by 2 shopkeepers at Turab Nagar Market and a vegetable shop owner near Gandhi Nagar Hari Mandir, Singh asked the officials to impose fine amounting to Rs 6,200. He was being accompanied by AMC Pramod Kumar and city health officer, VP Sharma. The shopkeepers were also warned against keeping polythene bags in future.

Officials were instructed by the MC to keep up the ongoing work of making the streets, roadsides and drains clean every day. He also, along with AMC RN Pandey inspected Vijay Nagar Zone, with AMC Shiv Pujan Yadav, Mohan Nagar Zone and with zonal sanitary officer and zonal chief inspected Vasundhara Zone.

The GM Water Works was also instructed to maintain sufficient and smooth water supply during Holi.

-delhincrnews.in reporter


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