Detailing on the earlier spelt out list of dos and don’ts regarding disposal of solid waste according to UP solid waste management Municipal Commissioner Dinesh Chandra Singh informed that any person within jurisdiction of Ghaziabad Nagar Nigam (GNN) would require to take prior permission of the GNN for organizing any function where more than 100 persons are to attend. Such permission would have to be sought by organizer, caterers or tent houses.

Citing solid waste management rulkes 2016 (point No. 4.4) the MC informed that such permission would have to be sought 3-day prior to organizing such event where more than 100 persons are attending. The organizers and caterers would require to segregate the waste and dispose it of accordingly.

The MC also said that all bulk waste generators such a housing societies, hotels, malls etc generating more than 100 kgs of waste per day will need to dispose it of as per the guidelines. This shall include segregating waste into wet and dry. The wet waste will have to be put in a pit in the precincts of the society, hotel, restaurant etc to convert it into compost and bio-gas, whereas the e-waste shall be needed to be recycled. reporter


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