Considering that Indirapuram and Khoda are 2 of the most important police stations of Ghaziabad due to their proximity to Delhi and Noida, policing throws up some major challenges. These 2 police stations come under the Indirapuram circle that is currently being headed by IPS Aparna Gautam.

Speaking to, ASP/CO Indirapuram, Aparna Gautam said: “Apart from heinous forms of crime, that of course are always on the radar of police, my focus is on preventing thefts and snatchings in these areas that affect the people largely.”

Of late, Indirapuram has been in the news for incidents of mobile and chain snatchings due to high population mobility and modern lifestyles. Aparna Gautam said that she is focusing on several aspects of policing in one go. These include: preventing high-speed driving by younger generation, traffic congestion due to encroachments, liquor consumption in open, controlling thefts, vehicle thefts and snatchings among others. She pointed out, “In my opinion it is important to study the crime pattern and modify policing accordingly. For instance, we have seen that the time between 3-6 pm is important from the point of view of patrolling due to heightened mobility of women during these hours; and hence we have started additional checking during these hours to prevent snatchings.”

ASP Indirapuram also elaborated that hampering of traffic movement by encroachers would not be tolerated. Action is also being contemplated against those persons who eat up the road space by parking their vehicles wrongly and their vehicles could be towed away and seized, she said.

Prasoon Pant,


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