Municipal Commissioner, of Ghaziabad Nagar Nigam (GNN), Dinesh Chandra today presided over a meeting of all zonal chiefs, tax supervisors & inspectors where he expressed displeasure on just 68% tax collection till Feb 26 against a set target of 90% and directed them to achieve targeted property tax dues for February month by Feb 28.

He also directed the chief tax official, Dr Sanjeev Sinha to ensure that all subordinate tax officials recover all dues. Dinesh Chandra also instructed that all big defaulters should be either made to pay tax due on them or else steps be initiated to attach their assets.

On his orders, tax collection from defaulters amounting to Rs 12.61 lakhs from City Zone; Rs 20.70 lakhs from Vasundhara Zone; Rs 1.94 lakhs from Vijay Nagar Zone; Rs 10.23 lakhs from Mohan Nagar Zone; and, Rs 11.27 lakhs from Kavi Nagar Zone was recovered.

 –Penalty on polythene

At City Zone 2 kgs of polythene seized and Rs 6,000 penalty was levied; at Kavi Nagar 5.5 kgs polythene seized and Rs 15,000 penalty levied; at Mohan Nagar Zone 2 kgs polythene seized and Rs 6,000 penalty was imposed; at Vasundhara Zone 6 kgs polythene was seized and Rs 9,000 penalty recovered; and in Vijay Nagar Zone 1 kg polythene was seized and Rs 500 penalty was imposed. Total penalty in all 5 zones came about to Rs 36,500. reporter


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