Municipal Commissioner (MC) Dinesh Chandra today visited wards of Vijay Nagar starting as early as 8.15 am. Area sanitation inspector Sunil Kumar accompanied him. He took stock of cleanliness in wards 51 & 55 and after seeing 2 sanitation workers sweeping in the area of ward 51 asked to see their attendance register that was found to be incomplete in many respects. He also saw that only few sanitation workers were cleaning the ward 55 area. Upon this the MC severely reprimanded the sanitation inspector and to see that this is not repeated in future.

Near Vijay Nagar Sector 11 (Kuti Rd) plastic glasses, ‘pattal’ and other garbage was found strewn across. Upon enquiry it was found out that a function was organized here the previous night. An order was issued by Dinesh Chandra to issue a notice to the person who had hosted the function and to impose a penalty on him; upon which Rs 3,000 was imposed on the person. reporter


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