Doha beckons!

A student of Rohini, Delhi shares her joy while on a trip to the middle-east country


I am lucky that I have got this opportunity to make a trip to Doha with my extended family, that I consider a good start to New Year. My extended family comprises uncle, aunt and my little naughty ‘XOXO Prisha’-  there’s a secret why I call her that!

The experience was enriching, rejuvenating and overwhelming in many aspects. When my little sister saw me at the airport she broke down in tears. She appreciated the lip gloss and scarf I wore. And thus started my Doha Darshan in the middle of the night. It was a moment to cherish to see colourful lights around the city in the night.

Doha is a safe city for women and you can have a camel ride with your hair swirling around while you watch the spectacle of desert and sea alongside.

A surreal feeling gripped me. I have hardly tried cycling after my teenage days but here in Doha, on the first day of my vacation, I was cycling around the city with skyscrapers holding their head high and the sea waves nearby. I made a number of friends who are my uncle’s friends adding to the long list of friends I already have from school & college

While I was in Doha I chilled out with my extended family and friends, shouting while zipping past others riding motorboats. The culture is totally different. The museum was magnificent and I don’t have words to describe it. Every day was packed with new thrills. I ha a verbal duel with my little sister and teased her and even gave her tips on managing her teenage days.

The nights were wonderful too! I was getting invited to different houses and had dinner at my new-found friends’ places. I also played carom with Yuvaan, a 4-yr-old and became f, we had a little fights while racing, he was 4 so he won, but at the end we managed to ends with him. I also experienced many new things and getting the much needed positive vibes for the next happening year. Overall the Doha trip was very insightful.

Coming back from Doha, now I miss these friends.

-By Twishi


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