Centre approves leasing out 1.61 acres of land for for setting up of Kisan Mandi


Government has approved the proposal for leasing out 1.61 acres of land bearing khasara No.91/15 located at Alipur Delhi, owned by Delhi Milk Scheme to Small Farmers Agribusiness Consortium (SFAC) for setting up of Kisan Mandi.

The lease will be for a period of 30 years w.e.f, 10.09.2014 to 09.09.2044, with the lease rent of Rs.100 per month with annual increase of 10% per annum from 10.09.2014. The lease rent will be payable in advance for whole year in the beginning of the calendar year latest by 31st January.

The setting up the KisanMandi by SFAC, which will, provide as an additional, marketing channel/ platform to FPOs and Growers Association for direct sale of fruits and vegetables to whole sale and retail buyers in Delhi/NCR for the benefit of farmers as well as consumers of the country.


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