One murder accused carrying Rs 15k reward held by Sant Kabir Nagar Police


Sant Kabir Nagar Police have arrested a wanted accused fr murder of a woman inside her house after she recognized him stealing from her house. The dead body of Raji Devi, a resident of Muthaikala village was found on Dec 5, 2018. After investigationwas taken up by Dhanghata police the name of one Murari Singh alias Babban cropped up; as a result a reward of Rs 15,000 was declared on his arrest.

Babban told the cops that on Dec 4 night he broke into the deceased’s home as he knew that she had made money by selling rice (dhan). As he tried to locate where the money had been kept Raji Devi woke up and recognize him upon which Babban lifted a stick and hit her on the head. The woman died on the spot and the accused fled.


By Staff Reporter


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