Over 100 employees of Gurgaon’s leading BPO in pharma sector, WNS visited Dhyan Foundation Animal  shelter and Gaushala in Sadrana Under their CSR initiative, said a press statement. They all gathered at the shelter in the morning and the session began with an introduction to Dhyan Foundation and its guiding light, Yogi Ashwini. The Foundation runs and supports over 25 gaushalas across the country, has 200 plus dog feeding points and seven monkey feeding points. The Sadrana shelter itself is home to over 900 animals.

The WNS team then walked around the shelter and saw first-hand cows, dogs, pigs and camels, that were treated and are taken care of at this shelter. These animals are either abandoned, accident cases or rehabilitated after being rescued from dire conditions.

The WNS employees then divided themselves into groups to clean the space and paint the walls as well as the gates.


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