Ghaziabad: FPCE raises homebuyers’ concerns with UP Governor; gets assurances

A delegation led by Col Tejandra Pal Tyagi (retd), ML Verma, Shiv Raj Chouhan and Radhey Shyam Dubey met Ram Naik and Addl CS at Lucknow recently


Forum for People’s Collective Effort (FPCE)’s VP and Director Col Tejandra Pal Tyagi (retd) met Governor Ram Naik and Addl. Chief Secretary at Lucknow recently and drew his attention to certain provisions of RERA through a memorandum. The RERA notification no 1438 Sec 2(h) of Oct. 27, 2016 wherein it is stated that in ongoing projects there is no need to take ‘completion certificate’ where 60% flats are occupied or the maintenance is being done by the flat owner association or where the maintenance works have been handed over to the local authority. 

According to the memorandum NCR comprises 90% such ongoing projects where the occupancy is more than 60% or where the maintenance of the flats has been taken over by the association. Col Tyagi apprised the Governor that if these ongoing projects are kept outside the purview of RERA registration this will amount to exploitation of home buyers.

The FPCE also raised the issue of multiple point power connections in ongoing and completed projects citing that this exercise would put an additional burden of Rs 20,000 per flat owner for installing a new meter, that is not practical. The FPCE also raised the issue of Neel Padam Kunj society of Vaishali wherein they complained to the Governor that the builder Ansal Housing & Construction had left the project midway and also took Rs 4 cr taken from homebuyers in which the High Court had asked the Ghaziabad Development Authority 2.5-yr back to sort out the matter.

The President as well as the Addl. Chief Secretary assured that the matter will be looked into. The FPCE claims to represent the problems face by the homebuyers at the national level. reporter



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