Faridabad: Bollywood actor Raj Jutshi in city to shoot for a short film


“There are so many rich people who complain of having sleepless nights in spite of having so much wealth,” said Bollywood actor Raj Jutshi. He further added, “Had money been the source of happiness and satisfaction in the world, why these rich people would have been going through such problems”? This is actually a question that every one of us has to ask from ourselves. Raj said that we have to explore our inner self and find out the way to happiness. Raj was talking to media during a pre-shoot press conference in Faridabad. He said that many people accuse internet for spreading porn and negative things to youth. “However, said Raj, my view is that putting restriction on anything would attract more youth towards it. Every negative impact has to die its own death and the remaining would be a positive one.” Talking about the film he said that he didn’t have to give a second thought to accept the film after getting an idea of what the film is all about. He said that the future is of short films only because people, in spite of having interest in watching movies, cannot spare a few hours to watch movie. While they keep watching you tube on the move, they would certainly be more prone to watch short film with a message.

The film for which he was in Faridabad is a short film “Just take it Easy”. The film is the first short film that would be filmed in Faridabad only on different locations. Also present on the occasion were Ashwani Prabhakar, producer of the film and Director NGF College of Engineering and Technology, Mukesh Gambhir Director NGF Radio, Jyoti Prakash Director of the film and Chandan Mehta, Executive Director of the film.

Talking to media Ashwani Prabhakar informed about the concept of the film that portrays the story of a rich man not finding peace of mind. The main character is being played by Bollywood actor Raj Jutshi.

Prabhakar said that the project is not a commercial one and the film would be moving around the social topic. He said that while movie making is associated with Mumbai only, it is only due to availability of infrastructure. With arranging proper infrastructure for this short film, we are confident that we would be coming up with more such projects in future. He said that the response during organising “Indogma Film Festival” make us realise that there is an inclination towards short films in the public.

Mukesh Gambhir who is also playing a role in the short film said, “After the success of “Indogma Film Festivals” that was organised by NGF College of Engineering and Technology, we realised that people like to see short movies”. Hence, Prabhakar thought of making a short film, but with a social message. He further informed that while the duration of the film, being a short film, would be about 20 to 25 minutes. He said that earlier also the same team has made two short films each with duration of about 5 minutes.

Jyoti Prakash, Director of the film said, “The concept of the film is about a social issue that makes the people connect their own life with the story. He said that we are making arrangements to make the film available on various online services. He said that the producers would soon be making more films on social issues. Executive Director, Chandan Mehta said, “The film is important for the people of Faridabad because it would be shot in the city itself. Regarding the effort taken to produce the film, I must say that the hard work taken to make a short film is in no way less than making a feature film, except that it takes less time in making.” He informed that the film is scheduled to complete in 10 to 15 days time.


Sanjay Chaturvedi, delhincrnews.in reporter