Door-to-door garbage collection begins at select sectors of Noida

Noida Authority has started door-to-door garbage collection starting Wednesday and to start with 6 sectors have been selected for the garbage collection exercise. This would also mean an end to 250 Dhalao centres where garbage was disposed of up until now. The door-to-door garbage collection vehicles will cover the entire city by April. The 6 sectors that are being covered as of now by 30 odd vehicles are Sectors 14, 49, 50, 51, 137 and Agahpur.
A spokesperson of the company AG Enviro Infra Projects Pvt Ltd said that compactor stations will be built at 40 locations in the city where the garbage will be disposed of at first after being lifted from homes. These will have compactor machines that will compress the garbage. Then the garbage will sent to Sector 145 dumping ground site.

Noida is also in the fray for Swachh Survekshan 2019 and for this the Noida Authority is pulling out all the stops for making the city garbage free. reporter