Pinkishe Foundation lent a helping hand to needy people by distributing them warm clothes and utensils recently after a massive fire broke out on 4 January 2019 in Sarfabad Village, Sector 73, Noida gutting almost everything. The fire left about 250 families including old persons, women and infants homeless, in dire need of warm clothes, food, utensils and other necessary utilities.
Pinkishe Foundation is an all-women organization with a community of over 2 lakh women and is headquartered in Kaushambi, Delhi NCR and has over 50 branches all over the country. The foundation collected through a campaign named ‘Warm Cloth Collection Drive’ at various centres across Delhi NCR. Pinkishe distributed about 5,000 warm clothes, 700 KGs food grains, utensils, Biscuits and other utilities to help the ones who almost lost their livelihood in the fire broke out.
“We are highly grateful to all donors who wholeheartedly came out in support of the campaign. Also, we are  proud of our volunteers who have set up around 60 camps across various cities to help the needy. Helping others is perhaps our greatest joy and we are more than happy to help the people who suffered utmost due to the massive fire broke out, said Shalini Gupta, National General Secretary, Pinkishe Foundation.


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