SRM University AP, Amaravati and Tufts University, USA, are coming together to collaborate for substantive discussion amongst Higher Education leadership at the highest level. On the 14th of January, a Higher Education Roundtable will be held in New Delhi to discuss the evolution of Higher Education, Global Collaborations and Trends and Challenges faced by the sector, said a press statement.

Indian Academic Leaders, Policy Makers and Administrators and Indian & Global leadership of higher education sector will attend this invitation only, closed-door, round-table discussion. They will deliberate on how has higher education evolved in India and the United States and the trends and challenges that the segment witnesses. Another important item on the agenda is the current and future role of higher education in addressing the challenges that India and the world faces today. In addition, the round-table will seek to identify new areas and modes for international cooperation in higher education (including the role of technology), especially between the United States and India.

“The Tufts delegation is embarking on a 10-day visit to India to engage with current and future partners in higher education and industry on topics of common interest. We hope to create and enhance collaborations across a variety of sectors that will instill an atmosphere of co-operation across geographies and domains in higher education”, says Dr. Anthony P. Monaco, President, Tufts University.

“This SRM AP –Tufts roundtable will allow for substantive discussion amongst Higher Education leadership at the highest level. We are hopeful that the collaborative approach will help us identify key issues and challenges and focus on creating partnerships that are mutually beneficial and further thecause of higher education, not just in India, but globally”, says Dr.Jamshed Bharucha, Vice Chancellor, SRM University AP and the moderator/facilitator for the Higher Education roundtable.


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