Flat Owners Federation Ghaziabad, an umbrella body of several Ghaziabad RWAs has written to district magistrate (DM) Ritu Maheshwari asking her not to allow Continental Carbon India Ltd (CCIL) to start operations in view of the orders of the Appellate Authority. A letter written by Federation President Col Tejandra Pal Tyagi (retd) has highlighted the grave damage to environment that has been caused by this factory with regard to air pollution and the indiscriminate extraction of ground water.

The letter says, “It is understood that CCIL is planning to restart its operation  in view of the orders of Appellate Authority dated 19 Dec 2018. These orders are totally, absolutely and directly opposite to the ground realities. It appears that a deliberate and a designed effort is being made to bail out this MNC CCIL, for reasons best known to the Appellate Authority.” The letter further says, “When an inspection was done on 17th Oct 2018 by the PCB (Pollution Control Board), very many anomalies were found in the operation of CCIL. such as calibration report of the continuous monitoring system placed on the chimney was not made available. It raises a direct suspicion that the calibration has been deliberately changed to show manipulated readings; brazen and unaccounted exploitation of the Under Ground Water without any permission; PM 2.5 level near Ware House of CCIL was found 462 mpcm as against safe limit of 60 mpcm as per the Noida Testing laboratory report dated 25 Oct 2018; and, Mahagun Mascot Society and entire Crossing Republic Town Ship is suffering acute health problems because of CCIL.”

The letter says that “In view of the above, CCIL should not be permitted to operate till, permanently or at least till  a re-inspection of the calibration of its monitoring system is checked and fool proof pollution control measures are taken. Civil society should be associated in the inspection to establish credibility of the report.”


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