With Vasundhara colony grappling with two-fold problem of illegal constructions and illegally running shops UP Avas Vikas has its hands full as the list of people affected by these illegalities increases.

Notably, fraud builders in several sectors of Vasundhara such as 1, 2, 3, 5, 10, 11 etc have constructed 6-8 flats in plots meant for only 2.5 storey floors and in most cases these flats have been sold to ignorant buyers who think that registry of such flats makes them legal. However the reverse is true as there is no such law that allows builders to construct these floors/ flats and sell them to unscrupulous buyers.

Newly appointed Superintending Engineer at Vasundhara Circle, Ghaziabad, Narsingh Prasad said that it is his priority to take action against the illegal constructions and illegal shops.

However, he cited that as is the case with UP Avas Vikas (a pan UP organization), “We have the power to demolish illegal constructions and we do it provided we get the police force to carry out the task. But when it comes to sealing drive the Avas Vikas Act does not allow us to seal any premises unless we get its sanction from the local authority, in this case- the GDA.”

Unless the state government makes it an offence to sell such flats on single-unit housing plots in planned colonies like Vasundhara and others, it would be difficult for any authority or for UP Avas Vikas to put a complete lid on such illegality, feel many residents of Vasundhara. In Vasundhara illegal commercial activity has also increased air pollution in recent years as it has led to encroachment of all sorts.

The SE also said: “Public awareness is a must before anyone goes ahead with purchase of a flat. In case of any doubt in buying a flat, a person should check with Avas Vikas but this seldom happens leading to this fraud.”

The SE was also apprised about the increasing menace of illegally running shops from houses leading to further encroachments and congestion, especially in & around Sector 16 and other sectors. Narsingh Prasad pointed out that the Avas Vikas was keen to carry out drives against illegally running shops in Vasundhara and this would be done in time to come. However, he said that encroachments along roads were outside the purview of Avas Vikas’ jurisdiction and only G’bad Nagar Nigam could take action against these.


-Prasoon Pant, delhincrnews.in


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