Ghaziabad Police chief/SSP, Upendra Kumar Agrawal presided over a meeting of all SPs, circle officers or COs and SHOs to discuss urgent matters pertaining to upholding law & order in the district.

Special discussion on increasing incidents of cow slaughter was done and it was decided that Gangsters Act be invoked against those booked as well as absconders under the offence for last 5 years. The police chief also directed that villages/ areas that are notorious or sensitive with regards to cow slaughter should be identified and police station staff should take all possible measures to stop such incidents.

The SSP also said that Gangsters Act be also invoked against those found involved in chain & mobile snatchings. Agrawal also asked the cops to make a physical verification of all those involved in heinous crimes such as loot & dacoity and who had been released from prison in last 5 years and to keep a tab on their activity.

He also directed that all wanted criminals should be soon behind bars. Coming down hard on traffic violators the SSP said that all repeat violators should have their licenses cancelled and for this effective steps in this direction should be taken by the police.

Emphasising on the need for more effective patrolling during winters, the SSP directed police to carry out patrolling, especially between 2 am to 5 am.

Several other crime control measures for women, deployment of plainclothes cops at various locations, such as liquor vends etc were discussed and directions passed.

He also warned the cops against using rude and un-parliamentary language while dealing with public and said that strict action would be taken against such cops. reporter




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