Prateek Group, a reputed real estate company known for its expertise ensuring best quality and mastery over the design area. In its vision to develop iconic infrastructural entities that create an altogether new definition of industry standards, Prateek Group in a recent milestone has begun the handover of its latest flagship luxury project, Prateek Edifice at Sector 107, Noida. Spread in 7.5 acres, Prateek Edifice is a secured, low-density project that offers penthouses & super luxury apartments with ultimate Club, Edifico. The project delivery launching event was accompanied by a Spanish Carnival. At the carnival, Spanish dancer performed Flamenco which mesmerized the audience. The carnival was attended by more than 700 people including the project new buyers as well.

Prashant Tiwari, Chairman, Prateek Group said, “We have successfully delivered our one of the finest luxury project of Delhi-NCR in such a tough scenario where the real estate, especially residential segment, facing a multi-year slowdown. We continue to focus on giving possessions to our ongoing realty projects, despite many hurdles that come across the way. We believe that this is only the way we can win the trust of buyers, which is very essential for the sector as a whole. Apart from these, there are many growing key positivity in the real estate sector where we can hope for a new phase of growth in the industry. Considerable economic developments and changes happening around the corner are also giving the boost to the demand for new property among the home buyers.”


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