Ghaziabad Police claim to have solved the murder of one Aas Mohammad alias Ashu Malik who was found dead on Dec. 6 near village Bamheta’s Jindal Public School. The deceased’s body bore injury marks. The deceased had been missing since the evening of Dec. 5.

The Kavi Nagar police arrested Mohammad Haroon, Umesh Kumar, Rajesh Kumar and Vinod alias Banti from near Sector 23, Sanjay Nagar. This was disclosed by SP City, Shlok Kumar.

The main accused Umesh Kumar told the police that he and Aas Mohammad had fallen out over a girl who initially knew the accused but later on had developed close relations with Aas Mohammad. This had irked the accused who asked Mohammad not to meet the girl; but as he did not relented the accused hatched a plan to murder him. He invited Aas Mohammad to a booze party where they all drank to the verge of getting intoxicated. The accused then on pretext of escorting the deceased back home took him in their Santro car and after reaching jungles of Bamheta slashed his throat. Next all other accused pounced on him and stabbed him brutally several times. reporter



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