Former Haryana Director General of Police, Sheel Madhur has urged the Central Government to bring a legislation providing for ‘Right to Employment’ to all citizens of the country, said a press statement.

Addressing a press conference at the Shama Tourist Complex, he also urged the Government to introduce a Bill, “Right to Employment for All”, in the coming Winter Session of Parliament commencing from coming December 11, so that a comprehensive discussion could be initiated  before adopting a model legislation. He said that Right to Live with dignity has been given in Article 21 of the Constitution and one can live with dignity, if he has an employment. He suggested that sub clause Article 21 B can be added in the Constitution for incorporating Right to Employment. Madhur said that he is on the job of preparing the proposed draft of the Right to Employment. After that he will get it vetted from legal Experts and then write a letter to the Prime Minister requesting him to bring a Bill in this regard.

He urged all political parties to extend their full support and cooperation for enactment of such a legislation guaranteeing jobs for all the citizens in the country. Madhur suggested that for effective implementation of such a legislation, the Central Government would also need to set up a ‘National Commission for Employment ‘ to look into various aspects of employment and job opportunities at the grass-root level. Similar Commissions can also be set up in various states.

Pointing out that the youth comprises for 65 per cent of the total 135 crore population of the country, he said these youth, which is a very big force, want to work honestly and diligently provided they are given job opportunities. This will  contribute in speedy development and progress of the country, thereby, helping to achieve the objective of a “Strong and vibrant” India.

Madhur advocated for increasing the police force and said that at present one policeman has to take care of security of approx. 720 citizens in India whereas in developed countries the proportion is of 200 to 400 citizens. Thus, following this parameter if recruitments are made, we can get rid of the shortage of police personnel on the one hand and can also strengthen the security to our citizens on the other hand. Citing example of Haryana Police, he said that 52,000 posts have been sanctioned in the state, out of which about 17000 posts are lying vacant. Moreover, the number of sanctioned posts can also be reviewed and increased according to the growing population.The former Director-General of Police is of the view that the Government should  coordinate with the private sector to fulfill its objective in this regard.

Madhur said that he had recently launched a website to help the unemployed youth. One can upload his or her biodata on the link ‘rojgarforall’ provided on this website.  “We forward the biodatas   to private companies who are looking for hands.  It is a free service” for both sides. He said that people can give missed call on 7665112349 for connecting with this campaign of making ‘Únemployment free India.’ reporter


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