Deepalaya’s Vocational Training Centres in South Delhi celebrated World Computer Literacy Day 2018 (observed worldwide on 2nd December every year) in a befitting manner. To mark the occasion, two workshops on the topic “Digital Technology and Digital Learning” were conducted by Chiranjeet Shah, who is currently working as Senior Coordinator (Global Events) at Honeywell Technologies.

One of these sessions was conducted at Deepalaya VTC Gole Kuan and the other at Deepalaya VTC Sanjay Colony. Notably, Chiranjeet Shah is an alumnus of Deepalaya School, Sanjay Colony; he was a bright student who got an opportunity to study in the United States through Deepalaya’s support.

Shah started his sessions by asking the students what they know about the digital world. He sought the attention of the students towards a recent study conducted by McKinsey which predicts that 400-800 million jobs could be lost due to robotics and automation adoption by 2030. In such a scenario, upgradation of skill sets from “manual” to “technology-oriented” has become the need of the hour.

Shah further informed that currently there is a dearth of people to analyze big data, and in the near future, there will be high demand for people having knowledge about programming languages like Hadoop, R and Python. The other types of jobs in demand would emerge from Blockchain and Marketing Automation. He also gave valuable inputs on how one can learn these skills without spending much. Professors from highly reputed Institutions like Harvard University, IITs, etc are running some online learning courses. He elaborated how one can gain knowledge on the futuristic e-learning courses by Edx, HubSpot Academy, and Coursera.

The presentation was followed by an interactive question-answer session.


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