One person and 3 of his other accomplices were arrested by SWAT Team of Sant Kabir Nagar Police for cheating a person of several lakhs of rupees. The mastermind Gopal Dubey narrated the whole incident to the police and said that one of his neighbours & friend Anil Prajapati was suffering from piles and was a drunkard. Giving details SP Akash Tomar said that the main conspirator Gopal Dubey told the police that Prajapati had turned weak due to excessive blood loss. He was assisted by his brother Hemant. Prajapati asked Dubey to dispose of his land. Dubey talked to an acquaintance who wanted to buy land and fixed the deal on commission. Dubey asked Prajapati to sell off his land at a cheap price. When the deal was fixed Dubey took an advance of Rs 16,000 from the buyer- one Anil Kumar Dubey. Later Prajapati had to be admitted to hospital due to his weak health. Dubey got him admitted to Patel Hospital at Bhujeni. This information was also known to 3 others including Babloo Gaur, Anil Prajapati’s nephew.

Dubey said on Dec. 1 he took Anil Prajapati at the registry office at Basti and he got the payment of Rs 6 lakh by cash and Rs 1.5 lakh by cheque. Anil Prajapati asked his friend Dubey to open an account in his name and get the cash and the cheque deposited. He was again admitted to the hospital by Dubey. As soon as the accused got hold of the money they turned greedy and after partying and having beer distributed the amount amongst themselves. Anil’s nephew got a slice of the money and was paid Rs 82,000 cash.

The 4 later concocted a false story and told Anil that they had been looted of the cash he had given them. Anil  complained to the police that recovered Rs 5,50,650. The arrested persons are Gopal Dubey, Ramgopal Yadav, Satendra Kumar Sharma and Babloo Gaur.



By Staff Reporter



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